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We are very picky about the value driven patnerships we form. From community discounts to dropship and wholesale supply agreements, our professional community is the life blood of houseof.

Michael and Helen sitting under the lights in the houseof showroom

why us?

Stronger together. We champion professional partnerships because we understand the power of collaboration, working closely with hundreds of different professional partners to grow and succeed together.

community discounts

We have built a network of architects, interior designers, property owners, start-ups and trades people who all benefit from community discounts for bulk orders and repeat purchases.

coral diffuser floor lamp and leaning arch floor lamp in a modern living room

how to qualify

We don't have any set rules on minimum order quanties or cart values... we are much more interested in who you are and what you are trying to acheive. Think you share our values? Then we can't wait to hear from you.

pink arch table lamp and olive green marble column table lamp on kitchen side with plants

your discount

Every deal is different and will evolve as our partnership grows. Typically we offer between 10% and 20% trade discount, depending on your order size, product selection and the number of times you've previously ordered.

charcoal grey angled ceiling light in a bathroom

your concept

Many of our concepts come from our community and we have designed, developed and manufactured one off commisions, bespoke installations and limited edition production runs for public spaces and private homes.

pink opal ball curve ceiling light and pink opal ball bar wall light in a colourful living room

lead times

Depending on the scale of your order, we will usually have the stock on hand but if you are happy to work with longer lead times, we can manufacture to order. We can discuss international shipment and payment terms.

retail partners

We have dropship and wholesale distribution partnerships with both big and small retailers, who share our values of Product, People, Planet. Interested in adding our products to your range? Please email us at

lilac diffuser floor lamp in colourful living room


Every deal is different and will evolve as our partnership grows. Our partnership team will work closely with you to build a bespoke retail program, that allows us both to grow and succeed without compromise.

opal ball chandelier and pink pleated wall light in a colourful kitchen


Looking to integrate our design aesthetic into your own infrastructure? We can build a licensing program that will enable yo to add bespoke houseof products to your range. Email us at

our partners

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