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our design philosophy

Design is at the forefront of every aspect of our business. We are renowned for daring shapes, boundary pushing techniques and championing the use of colour, without compromising simplicity and function.

lilac diffuser floor lamp on a lilac background

have purpose

Every light we make adheres to four fundamental design principles. It must be functional, it must be sustainable, it must be affordable and it must look as good off as it does on. We call these principles "design with purpose".

pink and purple architecture in spain

be inspired

We are big believers in the idea that "motion creates emotion" and our process is inspired by the world around us. Product design fulled by art, fashion, architecture, materials, surfaces, shapes and even people.

pink and purple architecture in spain mood board

capture the mood

With the mood established, we build mood boards that help diversify and conceptualise our thinking, so that we can share our inspiration with the team and stimulate design ideas from our entire community.

lamp sketches

initial ideas

Nothing translates an idea better than a pencil and paper. We spend hours sketching iterations on iterations, until we find a form that fulfills a function our range is missing or our community have identified.

close up of pink marble

material matters

We are constantly on the hunt for new, innovative materials and manufacturing techniques (like 3D priniting, bio-resins) that elevate our design aesthetic, whilst critically delivering functionally and sustainably.

a selection of blue pantone cards

colour theory

Championing the use of colour in our homes is a houseof trademark. We extensively study colour science and trends in both fashion and interiors, to identify the perfect colours and tones for each of our designs.

blue diffuser floor lamp on grey background

sample and test

Once we have a design concept, our factory manufactures a prototype to stress test our thinking and production capabilities. Every detail of the light is itterated and finesed, before finally being approved for production.

our manfacturing process

The transition from sample to mass production is a complex challenge. We search the globe for manufacturing partners, with the skill, technology and experties to help bring our design concepts to market.

bio resin and 3d printed materials used to make our sustainable lights

the good stuff

From custom-designed bio-resins sourced from family-run UK artisans, to 3D printed sustainable plastics, to ultra-lightweight steel extrusions, we use nothing but premium materials and techniques to make your light.

3d printing production line

global experts

We work with strictly selected lighting manufacturers and factories, all over the globe, to capitalise on boundry pushing fabrication techniques, high-tech machinary and world-class production expertise.

3d printing machine being hand fed

hand assembled

Every design is different but after the raw material has been fabricated into component parts, the components are polished or spray painted, before being carefully assembled by hand.

houseof cardboard box

and off they go

After each light is individually inspected, electornically tested and it's beam is aligned, they’re packaged up and shipped to one of our global warehouses, ready for you to transform your home.