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Accessorise with light.

Say goodbye to mundane desk lighting and welcome to a revolution of statement table lamps, each thoughtfully selected as part of our quest to 'do things differently'. This collection is a treasure trove of room-transforming, statement-making pieces, balancing perfectly between function and fashion, while pioneering the latest in interior design trends.

At the core of this collection is a dedication to transforming spaces with a gentle, inviting glow. From cozy living room nooks, to serene bathroom counters, to elegant bedside tables, to task-lit study desks, to vibrant outdoor dining settings, our table lamps are crafted to meld aesthetics with practicality seamlessly.

We are on a mission to demonstrate that sustainability can be synonymous with superior design, quality, and value. Opting for a houseof table lamp is not merely a functional decision; it's a statement about your identity and the type of world you aspire to create.

As pioneers in lighting and interior design trends, we take pride in our knack for forecasting and shaping design trajectories, ensuring that when you select a houseof table lamp, you're always a step ahead. This collection stands as proof of our design acumen, offering innovative solutions that cater to the demands of contemporary living, while expanding the boundaries of what table lighting can achieve....

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Peel orange cordless table lamp

1 289 kr

Yolk yellow cordless table lamp

1 289 kr

Sand cordless table lamp

1 289 kr

Kolgrå uppladdningsbar bordslampa

1 525 kr

Jam red dome cordless table lamp

1 525 kr

Brass dome cordless table lamp

1 525 kr

Bordslampa för svamp i mässing

1 762 kr

Uppladdningsbar bordslampa i mässing

1 289 kr

Brass opal disk cordless table lamp

1 407 kr

Blomma keramisk bordslampa

2 353 kr

Sand svamp kupol bordslampa

1 762 kr

The Pleat table lamp

1 478 kr

Bordslampa av sandrör

887 kr

Kolgrå rörbordslampa

710 kr