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The climate friendly lighting company.

We take climate action.

A B Corp certified business, building a world lit with absolute climate neutrality.

“It’s not easy being green but we want to break down the barriers and offer good looking products which are also environmentally friendly…”

Helen White - founder

Climate neutral people.

At houseof, we’re more than a lighting company. We are climate action advocates, tirelessly working to minimise our carbon footprint and offsetting every employee’s emissions through tree planting. Thanks to our partnership with Ecologi, we’re lighting the way to a greener future, one bulb (and one tree) at a time.

Climate neutral products.

We are committed to reducing our production emissions to zero. Any unavoidable emissions are offset through global carbon reduction projects, as part of our partnership with South Pole. We also offset all the emissions created when you use your light. Our lights aren't just 'cool' looking, they contribute to a cooler planet.

“Being climate friendly isn’t an option, it is a necessity. We want to rally and see a world where lighting no longer produces any emissions…”

Michael Jones - founder

Ultra low energy.

We believe in minimising our footprint for a healthier planet. We’re dedicated to producing ultra-efficient, low-energy lighting that significantly reduces emissions, requiring less offsetting. Our commitment ensures a tiny carbon footprint without compromising on performance. Lighting the way to a brighter future.

Ultra low waste.

We despise waste and prioritise longevity. Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make. Our lights are designed to last, backed by a 2-year quality guarantee and free spares and repairs for as long as the parts remain in production. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable. Sustainable design that stands the test of time.
300,000+ carbon kilos offset
5,000,000+ bulb hours offset
World lead in recycled packaging

B-corp certified.

We are one of the worlds only B-corp certified lighting companies and are committed to balancing profit with people and planet. This globally recognised certification underscores our dedication to sustainable practices and social responsibility. For us, it’s not just about lighting homes, but also lighting the path to a better world.

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