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Lugnande modernism.

Inspired by calm rooms and pared back modernism. The shapes are fluid and curvy with the signature houseof flair. Petal shaped table lamps and shades pair perfectly with glass body modern chandeliers. Textures are natural using soft opal glass, matt white ceramic and linen fabrics.

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Kolgrå rörspolande taklampa

£179.00 £54.00

Kolgrå rörbordslampa

£199.00 £60.00

Blomma keramisk bordslampa


Sandkeramisk bordslampa

£179.00 £54.00

Kolgrå bordslampa i keramik

£179.00 £54.00

Bordslampa av sandrör

£149.00 £75.00

Sand opal kula ljuskrona

£699.00 £210.00