reversing. climate. change.

Reducing our environmental impact has always been one of our core values. But now, we’re taking things further. Explore our overall sustainability approach, our progress so far, and our bold list of climate commitments.

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a reality check

Climate change and its effects are putting humanity’s survival at risk and our industry (with its love of love of fossil fuels, to power factories, ship things, and make materials) is one of the largest contributors to the climate crisis.

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it's not too late

The good news is it’s not too late to build a sustainable future. But it means businesses need to re-evaluate their priorities and consumers need to hold them accountable. Lucky for us, the planet has always been a priority.

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be cool like us

We make “cool” lights and we are pretty “cool” people. This isn’t us blowing our own trumpet, by cool we mean that we work to eliminate our impact on the planet and climate change and this starts with our sustainability strategy.

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our approach

But what does sustainable business look like? With the sustainability bandwagon getting more and more crowded, it can be tough to know. That’s why we’re laying out our approach to reduceing our impact in plain English.

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we measure

We work with independent auditers to measure and calculate everything that goes into our carbon footprint and to manage our climate funds, ensuring maximum leverage for the carbon reduction projects we support.

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we reduce

We’re working to reduce beyond carbon neutrality, but our ultimate goal is to have no carbon footprint to offset. We continue to be front-runners in the fight against plastic packaging and innovating greener ways of working.

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we offset

Carbon credits are tradeable certificates that represent the avoidance or removal of 1 tonne of CO2 emissions. We invest in as many carbon credits, as tonnes of CO2 we create, to directly offset our carbon footprint.

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our partners

We have partnered with some of the worlds leading climate experts, to help us build our strategy, cut our carbon footprint and acheive carbon positivity. In the meantime, we’ll continue to invite businesses everywhere to follow our lead.

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our commitments

To be climate neutral you need to remove as much CO2 from the atmosphere as you create. We are commited to go one step further and be climate positive, meaning we remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than we create.

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offset production

Everything has a carbon footprint (see the carbon footprint of your light on its product page). We are commited to offseting every kg of CO2 we create during production by investing in global projects, that directly impact atmospheric CO2 levels.

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offset people

We are “cool” people but like our products, we all have a carbon footprint. We are commited to planting trees and contributing to emission-reducing projects around the world, to offset every kg of CO2 we personally create.

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offset you

As soon as you turn a light on you start an emissions footprint. We are commited to giving you the chance to be a “cool” person too and offset the usage emissions of your light for 10 years. Just add your offset to your cart.

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zero emissions

We know doing better means doing more than offsetting our impact. So we’re commited to introducing sustainable materials, renewable energy and responsible processes that will eliminate the need for offsets altogether.

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our progress

Like we said, reducing our impact on the planet has always been a priority. Here are just a few milestones on our journey to zero emissions.

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APRIL 2019

Plastic free packaging

We are very proud to have pioneered plastic free, sustainable packaging in our industry.

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MAY 2020

£250,000 funding

Investment secured in our sustainable business plan from leading ESG financers Cyan Finance.

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trees planted

Offsetting the tonnes of CO2 that's been created by houseof employees since Jan 2020.

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