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Doing things differently.

At houseof we specialise in creatively engineered lights but we are much more than a lighting company.


A common purpose.

houseof was founded by Helen White and Michael Jones in April 2019, out of a shared frustration with the way retailers designed their products, treated their people and ignored our planet.

After 20 years working for some of the high-street’s biggest names, we created houseof to shake up the market… challenging the way the small stuff is done and bringing a different approach to a stale industry.

Shared values.

Everyone we work with shares our values… products should be designed, people should be respected and the planet should be protected. These values are at the heart of every decision made and every light sold.

We don’t just know our customers… we are our customers. We are an experienced, ambitious, detail orientated duo who only put the houseof name on products that we would fill our own homes with.

Our community.

houseof is a vibrant collective, built by an inclusive, diverse, and equitable community. Our success is driven by the millions who resonate with our values and support our journey. Each product we create is a tribute to this community, reflecting their belief in our mission to deliver sustainable, high-quality lighting. We celebrate the diversity that makes us houseof.

Our philosophy.

Design is the foundation of our business. We are known for our daring shapes, boundary-pushing techniques, and championing the use of colour, all without compromising simplicity and function. Every light we create adheres to four fundamental principles: functionality, sustainability, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. We call this ‘design with purpose’.

Our impact.

As a B Corp certified business, our sustainability program is an example of how we embody our core values and ensure we are growing responsibly. Continuing to amplify our positive impact, reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices at an increasing scale. Lighting the path to a brighter future.