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We are B Corp certified.

Using business as a force for good.

A regenerative business that doesn’t subscribe to greenwashing.


We are a B Corp.

We are thrilled to announce that we are a B Corporation (B Corp) Certified company. From our inception, as well as selling great lights, we’ve been dedicated to making a significant difference environmentally and socially.

We are an organisation who walk the talk. Our B Corp Certification, coupled with our recognition as a Climate Action company, is testament to our commitment to change the way retail works.

What is a B Corp?

The B Corp certification process reviews every aspect of a company’s operations across five domains: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers… Emphasising purpose as much as profit.

Companies must demonstrate their commitment to eco-friendly and socially responsible practices, encompassing aspects like energy use, waste management, welfare, inclusivity, and transparency.

“We are proud to be one of the first B Corp Certified lighting business and honoured to be a pioneering B Corp Certified brand in our sector…”

Helen White - founder

Why B Corp?

For us, B Corp represents a transformative approach to business that balances purpose with profit and symbolises the pinnacle of corporate environmental and social responsibility.

It is a status achieved by a tiny fraction of global companies (0.002%) and positions us at the front of the charge to change the way business works.

Becoming a B Corp has been an ambition since day one. We’ve always strived to disrupt the status quo in our industry and today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with iconic brands like Innocent, Patagonia, and The Body Shop, championing a shift in business practices.

Distinctive initiatives.

True transformation is driven by a collective effort. Our customers play a pivotal role by making informed buying choices, while we try to catalyse industry-wide change through our innovative strategies.

While not all impactful measures are immediately evident, we steer clear of superficial green claims. Here are four concrete initiatives that underscore our commitment to the environment:

Keen to Discover More?

Transparency and accountability are cornerstones of the B Corp Certification. If you’re intrigued, delve deeper into our Sustainablity score and explore the broader B Corp Movement here.