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Nachtkastje lampen

Illuminate your late-night read with our collection of bedside table lamps. Emitting a warm, ambient glow, our bedside table lamps provide the lighting you need to gently brighten your bedtime rituals before you sleep. We’ve many contemporary designs to choose from, which are available in houseof’s signature colour palette.

To add softness to your bedroom, choose our flower ceramic table lamp, brass ellipse table lamp, or sand tube table lamp. These statement fixtures are unique and sophisticated. If you’ve got less table space, choose our rechargeable options that are portable and can be moved throughout the house without messy wires. Our large mushroom table lamps will look stunning as a matching pair beside each bedside!

Take a look at our other collections of table lamps to fully equip your home for all activities, from reading table lamps to desk lamps. You can even offer your table lamps some assistance by purchasing complementary wall lights, floor lamps and ceiling lights, leaving no space left in the dark.

That's everything we've got in this collection.