two pink task table lamps talking over coffee

listen & learn

We win or we learn. Over 90% of our reviews on Trustpilot have been five star and we try to respond to every one... but when they aren't we promise to care about the reasons why and to learn from our mistakes.

brass reflective ellipse floor lamp growing from a plant pot

reduce waste

Plastic free packaging and small production runs are just the start of us trying leave the world better than we found it... we promise to make choices that reduce our impact on our planet and operate sustainably.

golden ratio curve made from a copper ring ceiling light

be different

We design and manufacture every houseof piece ourselves... so every product is exclusive to us and every sale guaranteed by us. We promise to push creative and technical boundaries and to never stand still.

rainbow made from diffuser floor lamps

be inclusive

People are brilliant and we are passionate about building a diverse, equitable community... we promise to celebrate our differences expand our cultural understanding and only ever measure anyone by their contribution.

map made from brass oval pill wall lights

put it right

We work tirelessly to deliver on your expectaions of our service, our products and our prices... and when we knowingly come up short (it does happen), we promise to do everything in our power to put it right.