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Ljus för högt i tak

Enhance your high ceilings with our collection of statement ceiling lights, a premium range featuring stunning pendants and modern chandeliers. These fittings are longer than alternatives and have adjustable cables, designed to successfully illuminate the spaces beneath your high ceilings in style, leaving no space left in the dark. We have a number of fittings to suit your pre-existing interior design schemes, or to inspire ideas for your home renovation. Choose from brass, glass and metal structures, all available in our signature colour palette.

Perfect your contemporary dining spaces and kitchens with our glass dome diner-style pendant. Operated by an adjustable pendant wire, this fixture suspends a stunning glass shade over your grand dining tables and kitchen countertops, flooding them with warm and welcoming ambience. Select your colour preference — clear or charcoal — and we’ll do the rest! If the bedroom is your current project, opt for our white glass disk ceiling light, a unique, delicate design you can adjust to achieve your desired effect.

Looking to light up your hallways and staircases? Choose our pendant ceiling lights. Simple and elegant, these narrow metal bodies slip into tight spaces, using an oversized glass opal ball to bring every corner of your home to life.

That's everything we've got in this collection.