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Brass lights

Great lighting is about more than making your home visible. At houseof we believe it’s not only what you see, but how you see it. Brass is the new neutral, a marker of calm, so soak your living spaces in our rich and opulent brass lights for an essential, peaceful glow, transforming your home into the chill-out zone it should be. The look is timeless and versatile, guaranteed to complement your rooms whatever their style with a durable, long-lasting sheen.

Calming centrepieces set the tone for the space below them, so dedicate a room to relaxation with our brass ceiling lights. We have a range of designs to suit your desired lighting effects. You can pinpoint the best sections of your home with spotlights or wrap up the whole place in warm light with our brass dome flush ceiling lights, opal disk ceiling lights, or brass pendant ceiling lights. If you’re looking for portable pieces to spread tranquillity wherever you go, choose our modern range of brass floor lamps. You can even take them outside to extend your long summer nights into the mornings.

houseof wants to inspire your creativity. Enliven your kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, and gardens with our collection of unique structures. The beauty of brass is that it moulds to suit your requirements, ready to lighten up your quiet, narrow corners or your long, busy corridors. Whatever it is, the vision is yours, so let it shine.

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Brass cage ceiling light

$307.00 $153.00

Brass opal disk ceiling light


Brass cluster ceiling light


Brass opal disk floor lamp


Brass 3 light flush ceiling light


Brass bar opal ball wall light


Brass diffuser wall light


Brass cordless table lamp


Brass plate pendant light


Amber glass 3 tiered chandelier


Clear ribbed glass shade ceiling light


Brass opal disk wall light


Brass mushroom dome table lamp


Brass opal disk cordless table lamp


An adjustable brass metal cone shade is attached to a wood veneer wall fixture. Light is off. hover-image

Brass cone wall light


Brass ceiling pendant fitting


Peel orange opal disk wall light