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Annual impact report


Our annual impact report illuminates the strides we’ve made in turning our values into action.

“Small steps by small businesses make large impacts in the world.”

Helen White - founder

Our founders.

Welcome to our 2022 impact report, a review of our accomplishments from the past year and an outline of our climate goals for 2022. At houseof, we are more than a lighting company; we are a movement towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Our journey towards reducing our carbon footprint has led us to become a carbon-neutral business, but we won’t stop there. Our vision is to become climate positive, fostering social impact, and setting ambitious goals that benefit the planet.

Our direction.

Our mission... To create sustainable lighting without compromise, making climate-friendly choices simple.

Our vision... A world illuminated with absolute climate neutrality (and houseof lights).

Our accomplishments

Ultra low waste

We’ve revolutionised our packaging to be 100% recyclable, even down to paper-wrapped cable ties. Our lights don’t waste energy, we use high performance low voltage LEDs to ensure we only use energy to make light.

Climate Neutrality (Scope 1 &2)

Achieving 100% climate neutrality in scope 1 & 2 is a significant milestone. We’ve offset 138tn of carbon emissions (funding 45 projects) and planted 1967 trees, with our partner Ecologi, ensuring we leave the planet better off.

Climate Neutrality (Scope 3)

We monitor the footprint of our partners and end-users, offsetting a further 59tn of carbon emissions (funding 5 projects), with our partner Southpole, and running our offices on 100% renewable energy.



The launch of XOU, in partnership with Volume Creative, marks a significant step in low-impact lighting. Utilizing recycled plastic chips, 3D printed bio-plastic, and natural gypsum, XOU represents the future of sustainable design.

  • 100% recycled

  • 100% recyclable

  • 100% UK made

  • Award nominated


Our social impact.

Our social responsibility extends to charitable contributions of £1300 and over 40 workforce hours in 2022. From supporting the construction of wind farms in Vietnam to the provision of 22kg of food for local food banks in Hackney, we have demonstrated our commitment to both global and community causes.

CS: Tree Musketeers.

We closed our laptops and picked up tools to volunteer at Hackney Tree Musketeers, where we planted and pruned trees, harvested fruit, built bug hotels, and watered plants. Getting our hands dirty is an important part of underscoring our commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Our ambitions

Circular economy

We are launching ‘rehoused,’ our marketplace for pre-loved houseof lights. Aiming for product circularity, we are adding buy-backs and repairs to extend our lights’ lifespan.

Supply chain

We are improving the sustainability of our supply chain by integrating more local suppliers, reducing our carbon footprint with quality craftsmanship.

Sustainable partnerships

We’re urging product partners towards climate neutrality and undertaking an in-depth review of Scope 3, intensifying our commitment to minimising environmental impact.

B-corp certification

We are ambitiously targeting B-corp certification, further solidifying our commitment and positioning ourselves as a definitive leader in our sector.

Ethical Production

In our pursuit of sustainability, we’re phasing out concrete and eliminating harmful materials from production, with a focus on amplifying our use of recycled and bio materials,

Community Engagement

As part of our commitment to giving back, we aim to double both our charity contributions and our paid volunteering hours, deepening our impact in the community.