"A very investable proposition"

We are passionate about opening our business to our community and invite any interested investors (big or small) to get in touch to discuss our plan to transform our sector.


60% -


£300,000 from 2 investors

Business details

Loaction: London, UK

Sectors: ecommerce, homeware, interiors

Company #: 11526636

Incorporated: Aug 2018


• 11k unique customers to date

• 35k engaged, trend-led millennial followers

• H&M's #1 global dropship brand partner

• £635k Achieved annual revenue last 12 months

• £835k Annualised revenue (based on last 3 months)

lilac diffuser floor lamp in colourful living room

join us

We are looking for new investors to join us on our journey to transform an industry and we are hoping that investor might be you. Invest in one of the UKs most exciting start-ups and be part of something amazing!

Michael and Helen sitting under the lights in the houseof showroom

why now?

"We are at the start of a golden age of home improvement"... our pitch neatly explains why we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the emergining 'trend-led millennial DIY boom'.

Michael and Helen sitting under the lights in the houseof showroom

why us?

We’ve built a pipeline of global brand partnerships with massive reach and a supply chain that produces exclusive, critically acclaimed products, 6x faster than the competition.

Michael and Helen sitting under the lights in the houseof showroom


We are expanding our our team, terratories, product portfolio and marketing machine this year, building (at pace) on the solid foundations we have laid over the past 36 months.

Risk Warning & Important Information: Capital At Risk. Investing in equity funding and early stage businesses involves high risks, which may include long-term investment horizons, illiquidity, lack of income and potential dilution. Any investor needs to be in the position to afford a total loss of capital invested. Investments should not be considered deposits like a bank. Your capital is at risk and is not covered by the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Most countries in the world including the UK and rest of Europe are embracing equity crowdfunding as a progressive way of allowing individuals to invest in the businesses they believe in and thus support innovative companies to grow. Due to local laws and regulations, retail investors located in the USA, Canada and Japan will not be able to invest in this funding round.