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Cone collection.

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We are excited to announce the latest revamp of our best selling cone collection.


Our luxurious new Cone collection embodies a seamless blend of contemporary design with timeless appeal. Inspired by the clean lines and minimalist aesthetics of mid-century decor, this on-trend collection is deliberately sleek and simple. Each piece elevated with a combination of design details and tactile components.


High-level features at entry-level price points. Powder coated steel, solid brass caps, 90° orbital hinges, wood veneer trims and woven fabric cables, have all evolved our best selling versatile cone lamp into a stylish, refined, interior essential. Available as complimentary wall light and pendant light fixtures.

Direct light.

Direct light is all about precision and focus. Think of it as a spotlight for your daily tasks. Whether it’s for reading, working, or accentuating a particular feature in your room, our Cone collection is deliberately designed to deliver sharp, concentrated light right where you need it.

“It encompasses so many of our design values; versatility, intent, functionality and style, with a heavy nod to mid-century decor trends...”

Helen White - founder


A statement piece that builds ambience, whilst being neutral enough to blend with your personal aesthetic. The versatility of our Cone collection shines through in every setting, from cosy bed-sides, to active kitchens, to atmospheric dining tables. Designed to be hung individually, in combination and in multiples.


Embodying our B Corp commit to our planet, each piece is a testament to sustainable luxury and low waste. We use environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing processes, to ensure your choice is both beautiful and climate conscious, without compromising on design, quality, or price.

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Whether you’re revamping a classic look or crafting a modern interior, the Cone collection offers something for every taste.