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Röda och rosa lampor

Great lighting is all about making a statement in style. Choose from houseof’s collection of modern pink and lilac lights to soak your living spaces in a soft, homely glow. Lilac and pink symbolise optimism, compassion, nurturing, and love, the ideal atmosphere to cultivate in your home. These colours are the perfect complement to neutral design schemes – so get creative!Fflood your living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens in nourishing vibes. Choose from pink ceiling pendant lights, blush pink floor lamps and light pink wall lights, red floor lamps, red ceiling lights and red wall lights to suit your scheme. All in our exclusive houseof designs.

lightbulb integrated led

Rosa diffusor golvlampa


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water_drop bathroom fit

Rosa 3 ljus plan taklampa


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Rosa bar opal boll vägglampa


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flag made in the UK

Pink large tiles printed shade


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flag made in the UK

Pink stripes print lamp shade


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