Mediterranean wonderlust.

Capture the essence of the Greek islands with a medley of sea-inspired shades, reminiscent of crystal-clear waters and sun-dappled skies. Pair them with whitewashed walls, natural textures, and lush greenery for an authentic Mediterranean vibe. Embrace this timeless trend and create a relaxing sanctuary that feels like a year-round vacation.

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Pool blå diffusor golvlampa

£299.00 £90.00

Pool blå diffusor vägglampa

£149.00 £45.00

Sandkeramisk bordslampa

£179.00 £54.00

Gul diffusor golvlampa


Gul mini diffusor vägglampa


Sand lykta vägglampa


Sandspridare golvlampa


Sanddiffusor vägglampa


Sand opal skiva vägglampa


Sand mini diffusor vägglampa