Silver & Grå lampor

Let your home lighting shine in style with houseof’s collection of modern silver and grey lights. Our designs are the perfect fit for dressing your kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms in class. Silvers and greys symbolise industry, functionality, and productivity. They are quiet, mature, and stabilising colours. It’s the ideal mood for a contemporary home, the essential complements to neutral interior design schemes and a minimalist aesthetic. Choose from charcoal table lamps, dark grey ceiling lights, charcoal floor lamps and silver pendant lights to create a grounded pallette. All in our exclusive houseof designs.

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Kolgrå 3-ljus plan taklampa

2 812 kr

Kolgrå bar opal kul vägglampa

2 248 kr

Kolgrå konisk vägglampa

1 006 kr

Kolgrå diffusor golvlampa

3 377 kr

Kolgrå diffusor vägglampa

1 683 kr

Kolgrå taklampa

4 167 kr

Kolgrå opal skiva taklampa

3 377 kr

Kolgrå opal skiva vägglampa

1 344 kr

Taklampa i kolgrå ribbad glas

1 175 kr

Kolgrå rörbordslampa

678 kr

Taklampa i mässingsplåt

1 683 kr

Sand svamp kupol bordslampa

1 683 kr

Charcoal grey cone pendent ceiling light

1 118 kr

Taklampa i träkol

328 kr