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Ribbstickat glas

Ribbed glass, or fluted glass, provides a texture to the glass to which the light emitted is diffused softly around the room, reducing glare. The use of ribbing distorts the interior of the light, a creative take on clear glass.

Ribbed glass lights are the perfect choice for modern interiors, whilst referencing the glamorous Art Deco era of the 20s and 30s. We picture them in industrial or feminine interiors.

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Taklampa i mässing med ribbad glas

1 214 kr

Taklampa i kolgrå ribbad glas

1 214 kr

Räfflade taklampa i klarglas

1 856 kr

Vägglampa i mässing med ribbad glas

561 kr

Kolgrå vägglampa i ribbad glas

934 kr