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Fireworks are over! and what better replacement than a houseof light... especially our core collection that keeps! selling! out!

water_drop bathroom fit

Kolgrå 3-ljus plan taklampa

3 559 kr

Low stock... only 10 left!

water_drop bathroom fit

Kolgrå opal skiva vägglampa

1 701 kr

Low stock... only 8 left!

Kolgrå bred diner-hänge i metall

1 415 kr

Low stock... only 4 left!

water_drop bathroom fit

Sand opal skiva vägglampa

1 701 kr

Dispatched in

lightbulb integrated led

Sanddiffusor vägglampa

2 130 kr

Low stock... only 7 left!

water_drop bathroom fit

Mässing kupol plan taklampa

2 845 kr

Available now & free returns

Vägglampa med droppform i mässing

2 273 kr

Sold out but back soon

That's everything we've got in this collection.