Moderna ljuskronor

Make a statement with our collection of chandeliers, stunning centrepieces designed to illuminate your living spaces. These fixtures provide the perfect modern touch, combining bold colours with our unique houseof style for a standout finish.

Our lights are produced with purpose in mind, and we have a chandelier to suit all the highlights of your home from bottom to top. Give your guests a warm welcome with modern hallway lighting. Our opal ball chandelier in neutral tones, suspending 10 slender glass arms, is the perfect hello. Our white glass disk ceiling light is the essential piece for an elegant bedroom, a brass structure displaying an array of glass frosted disks, soaking your walls and furniture in the perfect ambience.

However you wish to execute the appearance of your home, we have the perfect collection of contemporary chandeliers that will make sure it shines. Match your chandelier with our modern floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lights to create coherence across your interiors.

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Taklampa i vit glasskiva

9 061 kr

Taklampa i vit glasskiva

4 525 kr

Taklampa med opal skiva i mässing

3 391 kr

Kolgrå opal skiva taklampa

3 391 kr

Kolgrå taklampa

4 185 kr

Taklampa i mässing

4 185 kr

Sand opal kula ljuskrona

2 382 kr

Taklampa i kolgrå ribbad glas

1 180 kr