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Blå & lila lampor

Great lighting is easy with houseof’s collection of modern blue and lilac lights. Create a contemporary feel in your home with these soft, sophisticated tones. Blue and lilac symbolise calmness, relaxation, and stability, cultivating a chilled-out feel in your living spaces. And you can use their aura to get inspired! They are regal, distinguished, peaceful colours, the perfect complements to a range of interior design schemes, so get creative! Choose from dark blue pendant lights, blue glass ceiling lights, purple or lilac floor lamps and navy flush mount lights to create a versatile interior scheme. All in our exclusive houseof designs.

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Blue cone light shade

802 kr

Blue & green stripe printed shade

1 151 kr

Jam red & white stripe printed shade

1 151 kr

Peel orange & white stripe printed shade

1 151 kr