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We want to you to be bold about your style, so dress your home in drama with houseof’s exclusive collection of charcoal lights. They make a strong statement that won’t grow old, oozing mystery and sophistication. Accentuate any of your pre-existing interior design schemes with this shade or be inspired if you’re beginning a new project. Whatever your aim, you can browse our unique collection of charcoal lights below to find the perfect pieces to impress an audience.

Let our stunning charcoal ceiling lights take centre stage in your living spaces. We have a range of designs to accommodate your needs. Light up longer expanses of space with our charcoal grey pendant ceiling lights, our charcoal grey cage ceiling lights, or our charcoal grey diffuser flush ceiling lights. These structures are ideal for wrapping a soft, warm glow around your dining room, living room, or kitchen. Alternatively, you can spotlight your proudest pockets of interior design with our charcoal grey angled ceiling lights, perfect for picking focal points and adding some character to your rooms.

Our wall lights are equally versatile. Surround your dining room with ambience with our charcoal grey opal disk lights or our charcoal grey metal diner pendants, both classy pieces to have around the dinner table. Light up the boundaries of your hallways and staircases with our charcoal grey cone shade wall lights or our charcoal grey curve wall lights, striking when styled in multiples. You can pair any of these fixtures with our range of charcoal shades and floor lamps to secure coherence in your home - and to really put on a show!

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Kolgrå diffusor golvlampa

3 460 kr

Kolgrå opal skiva taklampa

3 460 kr

Kolgrå opal skiva vägglampa

1 377 kr

Kolgrå konisk vägglampa

1 030 kr

Kolgrå taklampa i bur

972 kr

Kolgrå diffusor vägglampa

1 725 kr

Kolgrå taklampa

4 270 kr

Kolgrå 3-ljus plan taklampa

2 882 kr

Kolgrå bar opal kul vägglampa

2 303 kr

Taklampa i kolgrå ribbad glas

1 204 kr

Kolgrå rörbordslampa

695 kr

Kolgrå uppladdningsbar bordslampa

1 493 kr