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LED wall lights

Do your bit for both the planet and your pocket with our LED wall lights, the economical, energy-saving solution you need to brighten your home. LED bulbs last much longer than traditional equivalents, so you won’t need to replace them regularly. Available in a range of colours to complement your home decor, style your favourites from our high quality collection of LED wall lights along your hallways, staircases, or any other living space you’d like to secure a warm ambience.

For a simple, contemporary shape with a soft lighting effect, choose our Diffuser Wall Light in brass, charcoal grey, lilac or pink. This smooth-faced fixture keeps light close and contained against your walls, the ideal touch for a homely atmosphere. Pair this with our Oval Diffuser Wall Light for variations of shape. Our Diffuser Wall Lights are bathroom suitable too, so purchase in multiples and wrap up your bathing space in calming light.

Want an old school style? Opt for our LED Curve Wall Light, the perfect fixture for retro interiors. Choose from black and pink, and fix this at your bedsides or in your living rooms for a stunning finish.

Browse our other high quality lighting collections, including floor lamps, desk lamps and ceiling lights, and match with your favourite LED wall lights for a complete home lighting transformation. The vision is yours — we’re here to make it shine!

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Charcoal grey diffuser wall light


Brass diffuser wall light


Yolk yellow diffuser wall light


Charcoal grey mini diffuser wall light


Sand diffuser wall light


Yolk yellow mini diffuser wall light


Sand mini diffuser wall light