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Multi-arm ceiling lights

Our multi-arm ceiling lights are efficient sources of light, using LED bulbs to spread an even distribution of warm, illuminating ambience over your living spaces. With a contemporary aesthetic, these ceiling lights are a stylish addition to your modern home.

At houseof, purpose is our priority, and we ensure that no living space is left in the dark, so fix our fittings to both high and low ceilings for a stunning finish. We have an extensive range of design in brass, glass and metal, all available in our signature colour palette, carefully curated to accommodate a variety of interior design schemes.

Make a statement with our brass sputnik flush ceiling light, a stunning fixture defined by a network of spotlights projecting light in different directions, perfect for highlighting the favourite features of your rooms — artworks, furniture or enclosed spaces in need of illumination. For a similarly striking result choose our opal ball chandelier, a statement design with opulent glass arms and opal glass shades that emit a calming, diffused glow. This is the perfect piece for high ceilings, standing proud over your dinner table or reigning above your living room as an impactful centrepiece. Our brass opal ball cluster ceiling light is another option for the high ceilings of your stairwells and hallways.

houseof has many more designs listed below for you to choose from, including our on-trend opal disk ceiling light and our beautiful brass sputnik flush ceiling light — wonderfully unique and ready to perfect your home renovation.

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Sand 10 light glass arm chandelier

$766.00 $231.00

Brass 3 light flush ceiling light


Charcoal grey opal disk ceiling light


Charcoal grey ribbed glass ceiling light

$383.00 $114.00

Charcoal grey 3 light flush ceiling light


Brass opal disk ceiling light


Brass cluster ceiling light


Charcoal grey cluster ceiling light


Pink 3 light flush ceiling light