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Glass light shades

Make your mark on your home lighting with our exclusive houseof you glass shade lights. Each design has a metal or marble cap which suspends your choice of ribbed, long or round glass shades, all available in an extensive range of colours including pink, coral, blue, olive and so many more! It’s the perfect personal touch to your pendant lighting in any living space, particularly those with high ceilings, so let’s get creative!

Our glass light shades are versatile, guaranteed to accommodate the unique style of your home and complement lighting fixtures you’ve already installed on your walls and elsewhere. However, if you’re beginning a complete lighting refurb, you can browse our alternative lighting collections to get fully equipped. Though unique as individuals, our designs shine brightly as a team, so browse our extensive range of wall lights, desk lamps, and floor lamps to find the fittings you need to brighten every dark corner of your home.

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